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Who we are

Motivated by the intention in helping non-profit organizations to generate income, Bencha is a non-profit organization to benefit other non-profit organizations. Today, many non-profit organizations suffer from lack of funding due to economy crises. Our mission is to raise funding to support and sustain the operation of non-profit organizations.

What we do

Bencha works with the board members of non-profit organization in creating a list of members who have expertise in their professional field. Every member is approved by the board for credibility and service, and agreed to donate a percentage of income back to the organization.

How you can benefit

By hiring a service professional approved by your organization, you hire someone you can trust. Service professionals on Bencha agree to donate a percentage of profit back to your organization. When the work is done, Your organization receives a donation, you support both your organization and the member. It's a win win situation.

Which organizations can qualify for Bencha

Any registered non-profit organizations with the aim in benefiting people, community and the planet can be considered a listing on Bencha. There is no catch, costs nothing and never a fee to join. Bencha is created by a group of caring people based on goodwill, not profits.

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